Because You Deserve It

Whoever you are, whatever your career, wherever in the world you live… you deserve to reward yourself with something uniquely yours that you can enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

The beauty of life is that, as human beings, we are all totally unique: from our DNA right through to how we choose to live and enjoy life we are all different from each other. Demonstrated in everything we do, choose and experience there are three key areas of individuality that really impact our product and custom design choices.


Going much further than whether you prefer Indian over Thai cuisine on your perfect night out, your personal tastes are unique to you and subconsciously shape everything you choose to purchase. Think about colour, do you opt for the classic tones or are you bolder, more stand-out with the colours you select? Consider how taste influences your home – are you more contemporary, with neutral background and open space punctuated by key feature pieces. Or maybe you prefer a more country interior – shaker-style kitchen, a lot of natural wood and comfy chairs around a fire? Taste even influences our preferred means of travel: do you like to feel the breeze in your hair and walk as often as possible? Or is it more important just to get there as quick as possible by tube, train, bus, car, whatever is available? Talking travel, how do you prefer to spend your free time? Do you head straight to a beach, catch some sun and party? Or are you more comfortable spending time ‘offline’ at home with your family?


Some claim that our tastes are primarily influenced by our experiences. Growing up, we all have come our separate ways and the experiences we have been through have shaped us into the unique individuals we are now. For example, think back to your school days – is there one task/activity that you still detest doing now because when you first tried it at school it went badly wrong and you hurt both yourself and your pride in the process? Maybe you’ve started your own business, or co-founded a great company with a close colleague – all those years of hard graft, the emotional ups and downs, the wins and the losses have positioned you perfectly to enjoy this moment. Winning your battle with cancer, celebrating your child’s graduation, that amazing feeling of standing on top of Mount Everest, all these are experiences that have formed us and refined what we see value in as we continue our journey through life. We should always been mindful of where we have come from, but don’t let that hold you back in any way: This is Your Moment.


What is it that gets you up and running every morning …? Do you want to be famous and see your name up in the lights? Maybe you just ‘do it’ for your family or is it because of a promise you made to your best friend? Have you always wanted a certain house, or that amazing car?

Whatever it is for you that lights your fire and gets you out of bed in the morning is totally unique and precious to you.

Hang on to it, don’t let anyone or anything put your fire out – and now your moment has come, seize hold of it with both hands, revel in the moment and celebrate all the sacrifices you made, decisions you took, dead ends you went down that are totally unique to you and made you the amazing person you are.

Let that sink in, revel in the feeling of success … and then go reward yourself. You Totally Deserve This


You’ve been fighting for this for so long now, the time is yours to make it really happen. Close your eyes, feel the thrill and just be you!! Will you celebrate with a new house? That holiday you’ve always dreamed of? Donations to charity? An extension? A new watch? Whatever it is for you … make sure it is customised to exactly how you want it because you are you, the person you want to be and You Totally Deserve This. Congratulations.

And if you want to fill your life with music and create your own totally bespoke piano and musical masterpiece, Edelweiss Self-Playing Pianos would be delighted to help out.

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