Because Music Makes A Room

How Does Your Home Make You Feel?

Picture the scene, you have appointed an Interior Designer and you are just beginning to create your dream home. You’ve worked hard for this, all those seemingly endless days and exhausting sleepless nights have been worth it because now you can live the dream. The design conversation goes on, it’s a complete new-build property so you can have whatever you want, what will you specify first?

A luxurious master bedroom, with a dressing room for both of you. A dining room to seat at least 12 guests. A bar. A home cinema. A spa. A breathtaking reception room. The perfect kitchen. A gunroom. A drawing room. The list of choices is endless for you, and your interior designers task is to bring all that your specify together into a stunning interior that looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Months pass and from nothing, your dream home is at last complete. Now ask yourself this key question: How does your home make you feel?

You’ve spent months working on what it looks like and which rooms all your favourite activities will happen in so you can clearly envisage what it will look like, but how will you and your guests feel when walking into your new home?There’s nothing worse than walking into a beautiful but silent interior – but you don’t want guests to enter your exquisite hallway and be completely blown out of the door by a cacophony of heavy music, shouting, gaming, etc!

Incorporate the timeless prestige of beautiful piano music

Consider the impact that a totally customisable Edelweiss self-playing pianowill have in your home. Yes, it will be totally unique to you and custom made to look perfect in your dream interior. Yes, it will be the finishing touch you need to bring your home to life with music, no matter what mood or event you are in! But it goes so much further than just looks.

Think cocktail evenings, karaoke nights and general chillin’ on a Friday night with the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, the Beatles, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Train. Think romantic evenings with just the two of you, with the lights down low and gentle, smooth music from the ‘candlelight & wine’ playlist. Think family time / birthdays with the special events album. Think black jacket and bow-tie dinner parties hosted to the gentle concerto of Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart. Yes – all of this is possible with an Edelweiss self-playing piano.

And it doesn’t stop there – do you know the benefits of having your customised and unique self-playing piano at home? Only you deserve something this special Call us on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email to create your very own, totally bespoke Edelweiss self-playing piano today.

Do you also believe it is music that really makes a room?

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