Beautiful Invisibility – The Edelweiss Transparent Range

The sheer beauty of transparency is undeniable, especially when it is formed into a curvaceous self-playing Edelweiss Piano. From penthouses to 5-star hotels through stunning private beaches to the ultimate cocktail destinations and even in our Harrods showroom: Edelweiss Transparent Pianos can be found all over the globe.

Being totally colourless, transparent or ‘crystal’ acrylic is a very versatile material that matches perfectly with everything! It can be blended seamlessly with natural timbers, adds a new dimension to classic neutral colours such as your creams and whites and can really make a contemporary colourpop with neon hues of pink, blue, green, purple & yellow!

Talking design, transparent surfaces respond amazingly well to different light sources. Add concealed, rhythm responsive lights within your piano to create an instant colour-changing, party-starting disco of a bespoke piano. Or maybe you’d prefer the gentle glow of ‘Warm White’ lighting glowing from deep inside your transparent musical masterpiece – it’s all totally possible within the Edelweiss Transparent Pianos range.

With light fully able to pass completely through all transparent components, an Edelweiss Transparent Grand placed in between a seating/lounge area and any window/external doors will add a real statement piece to your interior and still allow natural light to fill your room. One of our customers from Long Island NY used her Transparent Edelweiss G66 Flugel to exemplify the beautiful view across her private beach, add a very contemporary white & brass aesthetic to her interior and fill her home with live self-play piano music.

Renowned acrylic furniture designer, Dio Davies, went the whole way and combined both lighting and neon colours in the stunning piano she created with Edelweiss as part of her exceptional range of furniture: it’s her piano pictured above.

Over time, four transparent piano ‘themes’ have emerged as the most popular amongst our customers:

Theme #One:

Hero a favourite colour, or colours, which will be used in any combination on the cast iron frame, the spruce soundboard, and the internal carcase, key blocks etc.This is our most popular transparent design option offering beautiful, colour-coordinated custom transparent splendour to any interior, anywhere in the world.

Theme #Two:

Turn on the lights!! This tends to apply just to our Transparent Upright pianos and is accommodated in two ways. First, opt for your preferred neutral ‘undertone’ and install concealed coloured LED music sensitive mood lighting to create an amazing disco emerging from behind your piano’s frame and have a real party. The second design angle is to create an insane colour explosion within your piano and bring this to life using cool white lighting. Both designs work exceptionally well and both certainly create a musical art statement for your home.

Theme #Three:

Incorporate the beauty of natural wood. There is nothing quite like a beautiful oak floor, or maybe that delightful weathered teak pontoon stretching out over the lake into a stunning sunset … Whichever way it works for you there is something very appealing about the look and the feel of natural wood. Combine this look with a sleek transparent grand piano and you instantly create a truly unique musical masterpiece for your interior – crafting the whole piano lid out of our client’s chosen timber is another popular Edelweiss Transparent Piano theme and we really enjoy building these!

Theme #Four

Highlight your design with bespoke transparent components. You could argue that this theme is not actually about Edelweiss Transparent Pianos, but it is so popular with our customers that it has to be included in a design focus on ‘Beautiful Invisibility’. Edelweiss Pianos are totally customisable in so many ways, one of which is to incorporate bespoke transparent elements into an otherwise ‘solid’ piano to really add a ‘WOW’ factor. In this instance, the old adage that a photo tells a thousand words definitely rings true, so here we go:

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