The world’s smallest baby grand, designed for the modern home.

An excellent self-playing baby grand piano designed to produce an exceptional tone for its size. With its traditional shape and handsome good looks, with black or white high gloss lacquer finish, this custom piano is everything a baby grand piano should be—with the added dimension of self-play. An arresting centrepiece for your interior.



143cm, Height: 148cm, Length: 132cm

Request a floor plan to visualise the piano in your home. Cut the template to size and place on the floor in the desired space.

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    Edelweiss specialise in bespoke piano designs, customised to suit your style and interior. Our pianos are hand built and finished in our UK workshop allowing you to choose your final finish, colour and specific details such as leg design or added patterns and names.

    Our online configurator allows you to visualise your custom piano. Simply use the link below to start designing your own creation. Alternately speak with our design team to create a masterpiece from your interior plans, mood boards or images.


    The Sygnet has been created for the home environment meaning sound and tone are at the forefront of the design.

    Made for the modern home the piano is smaller with a more appropriate tone and base for its size and for residential properties. Play the piano for yourself in our showrooms in Harrods and Selfridges, London, UK or request a viewing of our pianos overseas.

    Our pianos are all available with optional self-play function. This is a seamless, integrated system to turn your piano into a self- functioning player piano. Also with options to include silent play and record and play back for the budding pianist or composer. Read more about our self-play system and accompanying app.


    Every Edelweiss Piano is custom made with the customer. We work with interior designs, architects, creatives and the end customer to create a bespoke design.

    Pianos are shipped worldwide with our ‘white glove’ service. Talk to our experts for more information.

    Visit us in our dedicated showrooms in Harrods, Knightsbridge, Selfridges, Oxford Street or our Cambridgeshire workshop.