A Perfect Colour Matched Custom Self-Playing Piano

‘It’s just amazing, it matches perfectly!’ These were the first words spoken by our customer on delivery of his custom colour-matched Edelweiss G50 Sygnet self-playing grand piano.

It can be a daunting task when you know you want a self-playing piano to inject life and atmosphere into your home – but you really don’t feel the standard ‘Classic Black’ high gloss piano will work for your interior: what do you do next? In this instance our customer called us direct, having learnt from our website that custom ‘not just black’ pianos are totally possible with Edelweiss and our conversation began.

Our client had a clear piano location in mind (and it really looks great there!) but colour combinations and final design still needed clarifying. With so much natural light and neutral/white hues it was an obvious move to incorporate white and transparent components in the final design – but still our client wanted something a little further. A feature colour that would draw attention to the piano whilst not looking out of place in the open-plan room. Our conversation kept coming back to the custom mustard yellow leather on the B&B Italia sofas, but our client was concerned would this look to gaudy?

As is standard at Edelweiss, our Design Team created the bespoke render featured above – and our client agreed this would certainly be a musical statement piece for his home! To ensure an exact colour-match, our client was able to provide a small leather sample of the ‘mustard yellow’ and as the pictures show, our team of artisans where able to match this beautiful, unique colour perfectly on his piano.

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