A Peek Inside! – Edelweiss Workshops on 01st November 2018

We really enjoy showing customers through our workshops and understand that not everyone has the opportunity to actually visit our Cambridge UK Factory. So for the first time ever, we bring our workshop walk-through to you!

Featured in this video are the following pianos and designs:

Edelweiss Transparent G66 Flugel

Edelweiss Transparent G66 Flugel with Bespoke Limed Oak Lid

Steinway Model ‘O’ Grand Piano with Edelweiss Virtuoso Self-Play System installed

Bespoke Black & Red Edelweiss G50 Sygnet

a very early Erard Grand Piano in for complete restoration with our sister brand, 1066 Pianos

Custom Red Edelweiss G66 Flugel frame in the spray booth

Bespoke Edelweiss G62 Flugel in Oyster White with totally custom tower

Want to come and browse for yourself …? Simply call us on +44 (0)1223 881691 and we’ll make a date and be delighted to show you around.

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