5 Reasons to Buy a Self-Playing Piano

Have you ever wondered why would anyone want a self-playing piano?

It’s actually a question we hear surprisingly often so we wanted to give some insights from our customers as to why they chose to make the purchase and are now the happy, proud owners of an Edelweiss self-playing piano.


We all love to give, and we all love to receive gifts … the very act of giving someone something they clearly enjoy lifts us up and keeps us in a very positive space. One of the most common reasons why our customers have purchased self-playing pianos is to give: to give a new unusual piano to a family member/loved one/close friend but also to give music to all those who enter their home.

Maybe you have a friend in for a birthday evening – give them the thrill of having ‘Happy Birthday’ played live to them as they enter your home! For family get-togethers, Christmas celebrations, bank holiday weekends: give everyone a unique, memorable experience as you all stand round the unusual piano and singalong to your favourites.

50th birthday presents, granddaughters Christmas gift, Golden Anniversary celebration gift – these are all reasons why our customers have purchase self-playing pianos to give to others/themselves in recognition of a special day. With Christmas 2018 approaching, you can even purchase an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano with a full 2 Year Care & Maintenance Package totally FOC (until 31st Oct 2018) for the most hassle-free gift possible!


As humans we are all unique. Deep inside us we have a desire to be recognised for the special, unique individual we really are. We express ourselves in so many different ways: the car we drive, the way we dress, how we talk, the perfume we choose … but have you ever considered that your ultimate statement of who you are could be your very own, totally custom-built Edelweiss self-playing piano?

We believe a self-playing piano is about more than just music, it’s a musical masterpiece uniquely created by you that merges your tastes in design, art, sculpture and music into one beautiful centrepiece.

So go on, just let go: you know you want to be unique, you know you want to make a stunning statement of who you are to all your friends, family and colleagues – you need a custom Edelweiss self-playing piano!


Most customers buy self-playing pianos for the pure enjoyment of listening to music played live. Imagine yourself choosing your favourite songs, hitting play, settling back in your favourite armchair, in your own home with your favourite drink and just enjoying live music from your Edelweiss Piano.

Any music lover will understand that people buy self-playing pianos to enjoy listening to music! From piano classics through to singles currently topping the charts – whatever your tastes in music you can enjoy a self-playing piano. From Brahm to The Beatles, Mozart to Micheal Buble, Scott Joplin to Jason Mraz if you enjoy listening to music then any Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano has got you covered. Our unusual pianos are tailored to you.


Think back through your life for a moment and really focus on some of your happiest memories – can you remember what music / song might have been playing at that moment? Most of us associate a particular song or type of music with some of our happiest memories in life. Maybe it was the first song on your wedding night, perhaps it was listening to Elton John after your team won the final, maybe it was an Adele concert for your 21st birthday … your list could be endless.

With an Edelweiss self-playing piano in your home, available 24/7 how many new memories will you create that you will cherish for the rest of your life? And when you are fondly going back over the happiest moments in your life, relive them all over again as you get your Edelweiss self-playing piano to play that song


Do you have a favourite song you put on when you’re driving home after a tough day at work? Maybe you sip cocktails to music from a particular artist most Friday nights. Perhaps sometimes you pop your headphones on, play your favourite songs, close your eyes and just take a few moments to really unwind … whatever way round it is, most of us use music to help us unwind and relax from time to time.

With such a vast selection of music available on every Edelweiss self-playing piano, another reason why customers buy self-playing pianos is to give themselves increased opportunities to unwind. In the hectic rush of modern life, a purchase made to provide more moments of complete relaxation seems very wise!

And there it is, the top 5 reasons why our customer have purchased self-playing pianos. Most of them focus around the enjoyment of live music available in your own home at the touch of an iPod … it literally is that simple!

Has something you’ve read really resonated with you in this article? Our friendly team are only a call away if you wanted to have a quick chat about what self-playing piano possibilities we have for you – it’s 0044 (0)1223 881691 or you can browse our range of unusual pianos here.

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