How to Play a Mindfulness Exercise Alone

As a mindfulness exercise, you sat down at your piano today and played. And the noise from the world just slipped away.

You hadn’t played for a while but it didn’t matter. Once learnt it’s never forgotten. A golfer repeatedly swings a club to create an automatic response. And so, you learned with hours of character-building piano practise: both loved and hated in equal measure. Now playing today is a peaceful mind exercise.

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Buy Clear! What is Authenticity if Not Transparency?

You want to know the truth behind the politicians’ smile. You search for the real story behind what you read in the news.

People say you’re blunt, but you’re not sure why. Your friends and business associates call it ‘being authentic’. What is authenticity if not transparency?

Be truly authentic. Buy clear.

With the transparent crystal acrylic, your piano all but disappears when not in use and lights up when playing the 1000s of tunes at your fingertips

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Although we are facing uncertain times Edelweiss is still here to help with your custom piano requirements. There are a number of different ways you can interact with our team.

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The Original: Celebrating Unique under the Edelweiss Name

Here at Edelweiss Pianos, we are breaking out of the “traditional mould” of the piano industry with our most inspirational collection to date – The Edelweiss 2019 Collection – which includes the world’s first multi-coloured piano!

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How to Amaze in 2020: The Top 5 Design Trends

From London to Abu Dhabi and Washington to Rome, the word from our international interior designers is in. The world’s gone bold.

Neutral, white and grey are out. But what is THE colour for 2020? And what other ‘must have’ information is there for the discerning homeowner? Here are the top 5 design trends for 2020.

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Re-Inventing the Piano: Anything You Dream Can Be Made

Chosen in Harrods, and lovingly made to your stipulation – Edelweiss is re-inventing the piano.

But how did an instrument that hadn’t really changed in 100 years become the ‘must have’ signature piece for the homes of the elite?

How does its very presence increase guest numbers and sales in the finest of hotels?

Let’s meet the master craftsman of these hand-made luxury items to find out…

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