Because You Deserve It

Whoever you are, whatever your career, wherever in the world you live… you deserve to reward yourself with something uniquely yours that you can enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

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Colour-Matched Perfection with a Custom Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano

That amazing feeling when the final piece falls perfectly into place … a unique combination of happiness, satisfaction, pride, relief and success all blurring into one euphoric moment. That’s what taking delivery of your own, totally custom Edelweiss self-playing piano feels like. This was made exclusively for you. You chose every detail: the size, the colours, the designs.

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How to Upload New Music to Your Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano

It’s that time of year where the days seem to start dragging on again, you’re back at work, back at school, back in the daily grind of life …

Already the Christmas good cheer feels like an age ago, you had a great party to see the New Year in and your piano really brought your party to life. But now, with all that behind us, why not revitalize your self-playing piano with some new music?

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