2019 Trends: Bursting With Pantone Colour!

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral is the 2019 Colour of the Year and we couldn’t be more excited!

Oozing energy, endless design possibilities, summer beach party type colour schemes and spectacular colour pops whilst also providing plenty of scope for muted neutrals, pastel undertones and warm shimmering ‘sunset’ colour palettes – 2019 has a lot to offer for anyone who enjoys colour in their life.

Add a splash of living coralto your home

A bold, warm colour Living Coral works beautifully as a feature colour in any neutral and/or contemporary interior.

Think a new feature sofa upholstered in a sumptuous Living Coral velour. Could you redecorate a feature wall? Cushions, throws, rugs, poufs, beanbags can all noticeable, simple means of adding a splash of 2019 into your home.

Working delightfully with whites and greys, Living Coral also adds flair and depth to deep blues, vibrant yellows and even more earthy neutrals such as Pantone Sand, a light beige, and Pantone Martini Olive, an olive greeny/brown.

We are not interior design specialists, however, these suggestions are the offshoot from our Design Teams brainstorm on just how exciting the Pantone 2019 Colour Palette is from a custom piano standpoint. Edelweiss Pianos offers our clients the best self-playing custom pianos on the market. From the creation of a luxury grand piano to the design of a small baby grand piano or an upright self-playing piano.

Edelweiss custom piano possibilities with pantone colour of 2019

There are so many design opportunities with any Edelweiss Piano, but to help launch into a beautiful on-trend 2019 our Design Team has been exploring the Pantone 2019 colour palette and have suggested 10 key colours that you need to use for your custom piano next year.

The one colour that is not shown on this pictorial palette is RAL 3028 – Pure Red, and the central colour, RAL 430-4 is the RAL equivalent of Pantone 16-1546 – Living Coral.

So where would you go with such amazing colour inspiration …?

Immediately some classic colour combinations jump straight out at you:

  • Night Blue & RAL 430-4
  • RAL 430-4 & Agate Grey
  • Pure Red & Pure White
  • Sky Blue & Sulfur Yellow
  • Blue Green, Light Green & RAL 430-4

In addition to this, and not wanting to boast, but this year we have already custom made pianos that have almost been designed of this exact colour palette proving that both Edelweiss as a company, and our very valued customers are right on the money with regards to design trends!

The list of possibilities is endless, and don’t forget you could include these colours ‘within’ one of theEdelweiss Transparent pianosas well for an even greater array of design options! Whatever way your creativity takes you, we know that your custom piano commissions going through 2019 will be even more exciting than ever and we really look forward to working with you!

Would you like to have your own unique piano? You can now be the piano designer and we can bring it to life. With Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you can design your own, custom self-playing piano and make it totally unique.

If you need some original ideas you can check out Edelweiss Pianos Gallery and get inspired!

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